Acupuncture and Self Care for Prostate Health

Acupuncture/ Shiatsu for Mens Health

The Chinese have discovered hundreds of acupuncture points that relate to the internal organs by way of meridian networks.  Meridians are a network of energy pathways that connect points to one another and to the organs and glands. These meridians connect the 12 organs. Acupuncture works to balance the body on endocrine level. By needling or pressing on these points, relief of symptoms can ensue. It releases muscular tension, balances hormones, promote circulations of the blood and stimulates the body’s natural self curative abilities. Acupuncture can release endorphins and other natural substances in your body that block pain.  It can also help to detoxify the body of waste products. It releases toxins that are built up in the body’s tissue so drink water.

Acupuncture for Prostate Health

It is best performed as a full body treatment by an certified acupuncturist to reach all the pertinent points relevant to your problems and symptoms. I like to combine acupuncture with other body therapies such as full lymphatic massage using essential oils and Reiki. This integrated treatment regulates hormones, strengthens your immune system and relieves symptomatic complaints.

The major points for prostate health are on the Kidney meridian. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidney is responsible for our “essence”, including the vitality of reproductive organs such as prostate in men and ovaries in women. A healthy prostate must have healthy flow of chi in the Kidney Meridian.  A treatment would include small needles on the back for kidney essence (urinary bladder 23 and Du 4) as well as Kidney 3 and 10 on legs. The prostate reflex point is on the inner ankle on Urinary bladder point 62. On the front of the body, it would be important to needle points on the Ren meridian such as Ren 3, 4 and 6 that improve chi flow in the body specifically to sexual organs.

Acupressure Self Care for Prostate Health: At home, you can massage or apply pressure to these points to help balance the chi and offer symptomatic relief of symptoms.

UrinaryReflex points on Feet: Massage around Achilles tendon to get reflex points of prostate, tests. Rub instep and edge of foot to get adrenals, bladder and kidney and lower spinal reflexes. Rub the little toe (BL66) and rub along the outer edge of the ankle (BL63). Circle the chart

Urinary Points on Hands: Rub thumb pad especially the web between thumb and forefinger (LI4 and LU 10). Massage below wrist crease on pad

Meridian: ST 36 on legs supports immune and digestive system. Good in general and  for detoxifying