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New Certification: Shamanic Health Practitioner and Coach; Four Winds Society

Certified Shamanic Health Practitioner and Coach

Four Winds Society

shamanic healing

Janet has recently certified as a Certified Shamanic Health Coach Practitioner through the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society. Health is not a medical intervention, but a life-long journey that transforms a person’s destiny. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach, I empower my clients to create exceptional health by making energetic, emotional, nutritional, and lifestyle interventions.

At the Light Body School I learned to work directly with the energetic matrix that informs the body. By healing your energy field, you can break free of your karmic and genetic inheritance, and are able to craft a new destiny. Our energy field, together with our diet and lifestyle, choreographs our health and emotions, and predisposes us to the heart conditions, depression, anxiety, and the emotional dramas we inherit from our parents. As an Energy Healer, Reiki Master and Coach, I teach that what we perceive, as reality is a mirror of our unconscious programs and beliefs. These are stored in what scientists call neural networks in our brain, and what shamans define as the Luminous Energy Field and Chakra energy system. It’s the “software” that informs our DNA. As a Shamanic Energy Healing practitioner, I enter non-ordinary reality to work in conjunction with spirit guides and spirit helpers to remove harmful energy and to restore a client’s personal power and strength. This enables physical, mental, and emotional healing to start by removing the spiritual illness at its core.

Specifically, Janet can help if you:

  • Need support through a major change in your life
  • Have chronic headaches, indigestion and body pain
  • Are depressed, anxious or under stress
  • Feel like something has taken over your life
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Feel stuck in your life
  • Don’t feel safe and secure
  • Are sensitive to what others say about you

Janet’s home base for personal consultations is in Toronto area in Ontario but she will be extending her services to Bradenton/Sarasota area of  Florida for November 2017 and to Tauranga, New Zealand for Feb and March 2018. Janet is always available for skype or phone sessions to anyone in English speaking countries. Energy Healing, Reiki,and Coaching works effectively across distances like a rainbow bridge of light connecting us through the energy field.

Remote Healing

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Reiki Level 1 Certification

Reiki is a laying on of hands technique of Tibetan Buddhist origin that was discovered in Japan in the 1800s. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “spiritually guided life force energy”. It is a non-invasive healing technique in which you participate in your own healing. The Reiki practitioner is a clear channel through which universal energy flows. Read more


There are 7 major chakras in the human body. They act as energy centres and bridge the gap between our physical bodies and our mental and emotional bodies. If the chakras are blocked then the block may appear as an illness in the physical body. Keeping the chakras clear then and keeping the energy moving is important for overall wellness. Use Reiki energy to clear the chakras.


Pendulum Dowsing For Chakra Balancing and Other Uses

A Pendulum is quite simply a tool that is used to check what the subconscious or your intuition already knows. The Pendulum itself is an extension of our inner senses which creates a visual representation of our inner energy changes. The Pendulum amplifies small muscle movements that result from changes in the subtle energy flow through the body. Yes you are in effect making the Pendulum move but it is at an unconscious level not conscious level. It is at the unconscious level that we can tap into our higher wisdom that knows everything about our lives both past and future.


  1. 1.     Choose the pendulum or let it choose you!
    First of all make sure that you select a Pendulum that feels right for you. If it is a crystal pendulum they can choose you. This is very important. Follow your intuition and feel the energy of the pendulum. Choose the one that feels right. You will be working with your Pendulum on a very close level so your connection to your Pendulum should be like any other relationship.


  1. 2.     How to Start.

Start with simple yes and no questions. Start with a few questions to which you already know the answers. A good example would be to ask your name or what city you live in. This will establish your “yes” response.  Avoid vague questions with multiple answers. Effective Pendulum Dowsing is only as good as the question. If you ask a vague question you might not get a definite response. An example of a poor question would be: will I meet someone to love? It is vague and could be interpreted many ways. I like to add a caveat to my questions to keep it neutral: “Is it in the  highest good for myself or all concern  for me to (add Question)?”


  1. 3.     Determine your “yes” movement.  Does it move side to side or clockwise or counter-clockwise to your easy “yes” questions? Make a note of all pendulum answers until you know to trust the “yes” response.  Then try questions with obvious “no” responses. Watch the movement of the pendulum and determine the “no” response.  If may be a very small movement to start, so be patient. You are ready to start.


  1. 4.     Stay neutral: Have no predetermined expectation of a response. Effective Pendulum Dowsing is to stay relaxed and in a neutral state of mind. If you have an emotional investment in the response, then your conscious can influence the outcome of the response from the Pendulum, which might not be the correct answer. When this happens it is the conscious working and not the subconscious.


  1. 5.     Mental Preparation: Use your breath to connect to your inner sub-conscious. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Take some deep breaths. As you inhale feel energy moving up your back along the spine from the tail bone to the roof of your mouth. On your exhalation, feel the energy coming down from the tongue on the roof of your mouth down along the front of your body, opening up all the chakras on the way down until you reach the base of your spine. Try this a few times before you start dowsing.


  1. 6.      How to Hold the Pendulum. Hold your Pendulum lightly between the thumb and the forefinger. If you are tense you will consciously affect the results. Clear your pendulum if crystal with water or intention after each use.


  1. 7.     Pendulum Uses
  • Simple questioning of the Pendulum resulting in Yes, No and Not Sure answers
  • Dowsing using written lists or questions with yes and no answers (my favourite)
  • Use it on food, supplements or potential allergens to check it good for your highest good
  • Check balance of 7 major chakras. Should be turning clockwise and of even shape and size
  • Locating a missing object. Make a list of possible places. Use pendulum over the list. You could also draw a picture of place and the pendulum with direct you to the correct place with yes response.

Chakra Healing with Crystals

What are Crystals?
Crystals were supposedly first used in Atlantis and were the main source of energy in this civilization. Crystals became important to the people of that civilization who believed in their capacity to store and amplify any power source fed into them – physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Practitioners of modern-day crystal therapy believe that the stones’ ability to work as conductors allow them to focus energy via a person’s thoughts to stimulate healing – both physical and non-physical.

Crystals, at their simplest functional level, can store light and discharge it, or convert sunlight directly into electricity. A step beyond, the crystalline form can also store information in vast quantities. A cut sliver of crystal can pick up a specified vibratory pattern; the silver can then be ‘frozen’ and subsequently ‘unfrozen’ later to playback the pattern.

Crystals are composed of minute particles called atoms which are the building blocks of matter in the physical world. They all vibrate at different levels. Everything is vibrating at different speeds. The terminated peak of a crystal connects and aligns each molecule and atom that make up the Universal Life Force Energy (UEF). Crystals are capable of amplifying projecting, absorbing and reflecting light which is the highest form of energy in the physical universe.

Chakras and Crystals

Each chakra has 7 layers each corresponding to a layer in the auric field. Each chakra looks different on each of these layers. Energy must pass through the seals. The chakras suck energy from Universal Energy Field (UEF) like a cyclone or a sponge. Since this energy is always associated with a form of consciousness, we experience the energy we exchange in terms of seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, intuiting or direct knowing. Crystals appear to act as amplifiers when brought into contact with the aura and the chakra system of the human body. The aura and chakra system is constantly in motion and processing information from the universe through this chakra system. If the chakra system becomes clogged or blocked in any way, it can eventually result in dis-ease or stress in the physical body.
Using crystals in conjunction with energy healing body work therapies can help to release blockages and promote overall well being. The ability of crystals to focus energy means that they can be used for specific talks, such as directing healing energy to a point on the body or to an emotional blockage. The disease is gently dissolved and imbalance is corrected. There is a wide variety of conditions respond to healing.

Chakra Crystals Associations:

There are many crystals associated with each chakra. The easiest way to balance the chakras using crystals with energy healing is choosing gems and crystals with the appropriate colour of the chakra. Use your intuition or pendulum to guide you to place the crystals on the chakras or wear as jewelry or lay a mandala (intuitive placement of gems on the body). Here is a list of some of my favourites.

  • Crown: lepidolite, moldavite, amethyst or quartz (purple)
  • 3rd eye lapis, sodalite, amethyst (indigo)
  • Throat: turquoise, lapis, blue topaz,sodalite , azurite (blue)
  • Heart: rose quartz, kunzite, green tourmaline, aventurine, (pink and green)
  •  Solar Plexus: Citrine   topaz(yellow)
  • Sacral: carnelian, topaz (orange)
  • Base: Red jasper Obsidian, garnet hematite (red)

Emotions, Thoughts and Hormones

Emotions are your inner guidance system. Your thoughts and emotions affect every hormone and cell. The most powerful tool to make change is: YOUR THOUGHTS.  Although natural foods, supplements, herbs, acupuncture and body work are powerful tools for building and protecting your health, it is your attitude, your emotions and your daily thought patterns that can have the most profound effect on your health.

In eastern medicine philosophy, we believe that energy blocks start in the energy field surrounding your body at the beginning of an illness and can manifest into symptomatic problems if we keep the same belief patterns. Imbalances between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, combined with the changing hormonal state as we age, e.g. menopause, can increase our body’s susceptibility to symptoms. The common denominator is hormones, primarily adrenaline and cortisol. High stress constantly weakens the adrenal gland and leads to a weaker immune system. It can lead to imbalances in fatty acid metabolism which causes weight gain, or muscle breakdown. Chronically stressed people tend toward imbalance in hormones. For example, in menopausal women, these imbalances appear in estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels.

How Attitudes and Beliefs Affect the Chakras and Auras:

Beliefs and attitudes also affect our chakras and auras. The body is comprised of energy fields (auras) and centers (chakras) that are associated with our nerves, energy and glands where these hormones are produced.  Thoughts and feelings impact our health by first manifesting in our energy field and chakras. When this energy is blocked, our nervous and endocrine systems become imbalanced.  Releasing blocks helps to alleviate symptoms and promotes well being and equilibrium in the whole body. Body work therapies like Chakra Balancing, Acupuncture, Reiki, Reflexology, Emotional Holographic Release, help to release these emotions and energy blocks, thereby lessening physical and emotional symptoms.

Healing Tip to Let Go of Negative Emotions:


We can start the healing process by showing compassion to ourselves and loving ourselves for having these emotions. The goal and the journey for each of us is to try letting go of destructive emotions such as shame, anger, and blame. You can do this by using your breath. Get in a comfortable position, close your eyes if possible. As you breathe in, visualize or hold the intention of drinking in love energy into your heart.  See the energy as pink or clear white filling up your heart chakra. As you exhale, visualize any negative feelings like a grey cloud floating up out of your body.  Try this at least 5 times until you feel “lighter” and feel less tension in your body.

Chelation Energy Transfer

Chelation is a fundamental “hands-on” energy technique that can be used at the beginning of any healing
session. This simple process does three main things: charges, clears, and balances the human energy field or aura. Chelation accomplishes this by bringing energyinto the field with the help of the healer. This technique was developed
by Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere, and she adapted this word to mean simply to clear the
field of the patient by removing auric debris. Chelation also fills the energy field up with energy, as in blowing up a balloon, and generally balances it.This is done by running energy into the body. There is a specific sequence in chelation that is most effective because it emulates the way energy is naturally taken into the field – from the earth into the bottom of the feet and then up into the rest of the field. When energy is brought into the field this way, the energy
body will take it in and direct it to where it is most needed.

Energy is run into the body from the feet up because energy is normally drawn up from the earth through the
first chakra and the two chakras on the bottom of the feet. These earth energies are always needed in healing the physical body because they are of the lower physical vibrations. These earth energies are always needed in healing the physical body because they are of the lower physical vibration

During a Chelation session, the client may feelthe energy as warm, tingly, or pulsating. The energy healer may be able to feel
changes in the energy’s flow, such as in the frequency or rhythm of the pulsations or in the direction of the flow. After several minutes, once the intensity dies down and becomes consistent, steady and slow and the flow up
each side of the body is the same, you know that the general field is balanced in the area of the feet. Then it’s time to move into the next position. The energy is always moving up with changing hand positions from feet to legs to chakras on the torso and finishing at the throat and head.


Feeling Your Own Aura


All living things have a complex electrical field or aura surrounding them. There are many theories about the source of this radiant energy. It is widely believed to emanate from the highest plane of consciousness and it has been photographed with Kirlian photography. The aura has 7 layers and is attached by seals to the physical body through our chakra systems. (see chakras) Imagine the universal energy field (UEF) as a powerful electromagnetic field that helps us to be sensitive to external influences and allows us to send our own energy vibrations out to the world. Some research studies using double-blind tests have demonstrated how people can “sense” when someone is staring at them intently seen if they can’t see the person doing it. Researchers believe that this information is picked up within the aura.

The human UEF is a complete template of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. It is the human energy field that first holds our chronic defense patterns or beliefs. You can “feel” or sense any areas in your body that need healing by first feeling the aura. Before you can feel someone else’s aura, you first need to learn to feel your own.

Try this technique which I call the “ball” technique to explore the energy field around your body.

1. Work in a dimly lit room or behind a candle light. sit in front of a clear area of wall. Relax by sitting or standing comfortably.

2. Rub your hands together to sensitize the nerve fibers for about 30 seconds.

3. Stretch your arms out in front of you with the hands facing each other. Hands are slightly curved.

4. Now start with the hands apart about 3 to 4 feet. Slowly bring your hands together towards your body to form a “ball” in front of your heart.

5. Notice the resistance or other sensations like a magnetic pull when your hands get closer together and how they release as they get farther apart. The point of resistance is your energy field and is likely your heart chakra if your hands are in front of your chest.

6. To try to “see” your aura. Lightly half-focus your gaze at the area around your hands. The gaze is like a relaxed squint. You can observe a halo of light around your hands in much the same way as you see a halo around the candle flame. You may see a greyish colour or a bright halo of light. Some of you may even sense a colour even if you can’t see it. Observe the feelings in your hands as you make the ball bigger as you expand it and smaller as you bring your hands together. You may feel tingling, warmth, vibration, cold, pulsing etc. This is your energy field.