Body Therapy

Janet works with people who have physical, emotional, and systemic complaints utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the form of Acupuncture, Shiatsu, and Acupressure. TCM treatments work to balance the energy meridians and organ systems of the body by balancing the blood, chi, and body fluids. It is an effective way to help balance and heal core systemic issues like chronic headaches, indigestion, and anxiety. It works to balance hormones responsible for our emotional and nervous system equilibrium. TCM has a very calming effect on the nervous system.

Janet is also a certified Aromatherapist (CAHP) who customizes essential oil blends and applies them to clients using a combination of lymphatic or shiatsu massage and reflexology. These body therapies are excellent to balance hormones that stabilize moods and emotions, decrease muscular pain and stress, strengthen the immune system to speed healing, and help to revitalize your energy, body, and spirit. Aromatherapy and Lymphatic Massage, Reflexology, and Shiatsu Massage can be integrated with energy healing therapies as well.


Acupuncture is the gentle insertion of very fine needles at specific points of the body, which stimulates the movement of energy; this treatment allows natural healing to take place within the body. Acupuncture helps to prevent illness by improving the overall functioning of the body’s immune and organ systems. Acupuncture originated in China over 3,000 years ago and is part of the holistic system of healing known as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture is helpful for:

  • Treating existing illnesses and injuries
  • Preventing both the recurrence of illnesses and new illness
  • Improving overall health

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

The Classical Chinese explanation is that energy (Qi) flows in channels (or meridians) throughout the body and over its surfaces. These meridians are rivers of energy flowing through the body. The Chinese have identified 71 meridians in the human body as a basic energy map for all people. The meridians are often compared to a series of interconnected highways as each major organ is associated with its own meridian. Through the network of meridians, the internal organs are connected to certain areas and parts of the body including the muscles, bones, joints, and other organs.

The Chinese believe that health is a manifestation of balance, both within the body itself and between the body and the external environment. When the body is internally balanced and in harmony with the external environment, Qi flows smoothly through the meridians to nourish the organs and tissues. If an obstruction occurs in one of the meridians, the Qi is disrupted and cannot flow properly. When the Qi cannot flow smoothly or is forced to flow in the opposite direction, the body’s innate balance is disrupted and illness results.

Acupuncture points are the specific points on the meridians where the Qi is both concentrated and accessible. Acupuncture engages the Qi by inserting needles at these specific points, the goal being to restore the proper flow of Qi. As the body regains its natural balance, well-being returns.

Acupuncture and Modern Science

To the human body, acupuncture needles are a physical stimulus. In Western science, a stimulus is defined as a detectable change in either the external environment or within the body itself. When the body detects change, it produces a response. Although acupuncture is not yet fully understood by Western science, with modern technology scientists can now actually begin to “see” the body’s response to acupuncture. For example, using an MRI (a very sophisticated x-ray), researchers have shown that when a needle is inserted at specific acupuncture points on the body, corresponding changes occur in the brain.

In the West, acupuncture is most well-known for its ability to relieve pain, so the majority of research thus far has been done in this area. Acupuncture points are now believed to stimulate the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) to release pain-relieving chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. Acupuncture may also stimulate other chemicals to be released by the brain, including hormones that influence the self-regulating system of the body.


Aromatherapy is the enhancement of mind, body, and spirit with the use of aromatic, botanical essential oils made from plants. These oils have many therapeutic effects including relaxing, which is great for stress; stimulating the immune system; detoxifying and rejuvenating, which is great for anxiety and depression; and regulating all the systems, which works to balance the hormones and emotions.

I will individually customize a blend of essential oils for your treatment. I will develop a unique blend for each treatment based on your specific needs. These oils are then applied through a full lymphatic massage.

The therapeutic qualities of the oils will be absorbed into the skin and bloodstream within 20 minutes and will have an immediate physiological effect on your symptoms. The aroma of the oils also adds an additional psychological effect by altering your emotions and moods.


Muscular: Eases muscular aches and promotes relaxation of stressed muscles.
Lymphatic: Lymphatic Massage strengthens your immune system and aids body to heal quickly by eliminating toxins.
Endocrine: Improves feelings of well-being, regulates hormones, emotions, and relieves menopausal symptoms.
Nervous system: Relaxing, sedative or stimulating effect which is great for insomnia, reducing stress and relieving headaches.
For best results, I integrate the lymphatic massage with essential oils with other healing therapies including Reiki, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Energy Medicines.


Like Reiki, and other energy healing modalities, reflexology or muscle testing is a natural healing therapy based on eastern medicine energy principles. Unlike Reiki, the energy points are on the feet, hands, and head. These points correspond to specific organs and systems in the body. Every reflex in the body has a relating reflex in the foot. A reflexology treatment includes systematic finger and thumb pressure on all the points of both feet.


Reflexology is safe and balances systems and organs. It relieves stress related disorders such as headaches, indigestion, and backaches. Reflexology relieves symptoms of chronic illness such as arthritis, heart disease, and symptoms related to hormonal imbalances. It induces deep relaxation and revitalizes your energy. Reflexology cleanses the body of toxins and impurities. I prefer to combine reflexology with other body and energy therapies, such as acupuncture and reiki, to ensure that blocks are released from all energy centres in the body including the meridians, aura, and chakras.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is based on universal energy or chi, circulating throughout the body through energy channels called meridians. These meridians connect the 12 organs with other physiological and emotional aspects of the body. Our bodies need this energy for maintaining itself and for healing injuries or illness. When there is a blockage of this energy our bodies become ill.

Benefits of Shiatsu:

Shiatsu works to fill energy gaps and remove blocks to prevent future illness. Shiatsu and acupuncture work on the same principles: the therapist works on specific points along the meridians. I balance the energy by using massage and acupressure along the meridians and specific points. Shiatsu works to balance hormones which affect each individual’s mind, body, and spirit, especially one’s emotions. I combine acupressure or shiatsu on specific points with a full massage using essential oils. Shiatsu combines well with other body and energy therapies.