Pendulum Dowsing For Chakra Balancing and Other Uses

A Pendulum is quite simply a tool that is used to check what the subconscious or your intuition already knows. The Pendulum itself is an extension of our inner senses which creates a visual representation of our inner energy changes. The Pendulum amplifies small muscle movements that result from changes in the subtle energy flow through the body. Yes you are in effect making the Pendulum move but it is at an unconscious level not conscious level. It is at the unconscious level that we can tap into our higher wisdom that knows everything about our lives both past and future.


  1. 1.     Choose the pendulum or let it choose you!
    First of all make sure that you select a Pendulum that feels right for you. If it is a crystal pendulum they can choose you. This is very important. Follow your intuition and feel the energy of the pendulum. Choose the one that feels right. You will be working with your Pendulum on a very close level so your connection to your Pendulum should be like any other relationship.


  1. 2.     How to Start.

Start with simple yes and no questions. Start with a few questions to which you already know the answers. A good example would be to ask your name or what city you live in. This will establish your “yes” response.  Avoid vague questions with multiple answers. Effective Pendulum Dowsing is only as good as the question. If you ask a vague question you might not get a definite response. An example of a poor question would be: will I meet someone to love? It is vague and could be interpreted many ways. I like to add a caveat to my questions to keep it neutral: “Is it in the  highest good for myself or all concern  for me to (add Question)?”


  1. 3.     Determine your “yes” movement.  Does it move side to side or clockwise or counter-clockwise to your easy “yes” questions? Make a note of all pendulum answers until you know to trust the “yes” response.  Then try questions with obvious “no” responses. Watch the movement of the pendulum and determine the “no” response.  If may be a very small movement to start, so be patient. You are ready to start.


  1. 4.     Stay neutral: Have no predetermined expectation of a response. Effective Pendulum Dowsing is to stay relaxed and in a neutral state of mind. If you have an emotional investment in the response, then your conscious can influence the outcome of the response from the Pendulum, which might not be the correct answer. When this happens it is the conscious working and not the subconscious.


  1. 5.     Mental Preparation: Use your breath to connect to your inner sub-conscious. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Take some deep breaths. As you inhale feel energy moving up your back along the spine from the tail bone to the roof of your mouth. On your exhalation, feel the energy coming down from the tongue on the roof of your mouth down along the front of your body, opening up all the chakras on the way down until you reach the base of your spine. Try this a few times before you start dowsing.


  1. 6.      How to Hold the Pendulum. Hold your Pendulum lightly between the thumb and the forefinger. If you are tense you will consciously affect the results. Clear your pendulum if crystal with water or intention after each use.


  1. 7.     Pendulum Uses
  • Simple questioning of the Pendulum resulting in Yes, No and Not Sure answers
  • Dowsing using written lists or questions with yes and no answers (my favourite)
  • Use it on food, supplements or potential allergens to check it good for your highest good
  • Check balance of 7 major chakras. Should be turning clockwise and of even shape and size
  • Locating a missing object. Make a list of possible places. Use pendulum over the list. You could also draw a picture of place and the pendulum with direct you to the correct place with yes response.